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Che Spotting #47

Minneapolis, Minnesota. How Much is that Che in the Window?

Che Spotting #46

Dallas, Texas, USA. Create-A-Che.

Che as a Storm Trooper

Che’s newest incarnation?

Che Spotting #41

Seattle, USA. Che Doubles the Fun.

Che Spotting # 40

Washington D.C., USA. Spy on Che.

Che Spotting #30

Che Rubs Shoulders with Dead Philosophers

Che Spotting #19

Oakland, California, USA. Che stands out among these wallflowers.

Che Spotting #18

Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport, Minnesota, USA. Che plans to hop a flight.

Che Spotting #15

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Even Che likes a buffet.

Che Spotting #6

Key West, Florida, USA. Walk a mile in Che’s shoes.

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