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Che Spotting #49

Venice, Italy. Che on A Boat.

Che as a Storm Trooper

Che’s newest incarnation?

Almost a Che Spotting

An Alaskan Near-Che Encounter

Che Spotting #27

Granada, Nicaragua. Che Roots For The Yankees?

Che Spotting #26

On the Road, Laos. Che Rolls.

Che Spotting #20

Bangkok, Thailand. Bumper sticker Che.

Che Spotting #18

Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport, Minnesota, USA. Che plans to hop a flight.

Che Spotting #17

El Jem, Tunisia. Che takes on a new name.

Che Spotting #16

Trinidad, Cuba. Che lights the way.

Che Spotting #12

Penelokan, Bali, Indonesia. A place to look at Che.

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