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Che Spotting #44

Havana, Cuba. Che Gets Colorful.

Che as a Storm Trooper

Che’s newest incarnation?

Che Spotting #28

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Che Under Foot.

Che Spotting #22

Matanzas, Cuba. Stone Face Che.

Che Spotting #19

Oakland, California, USA. Che stands out among these wallflowers.

Che Spotting #13

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Che preaches birth control.

Che Spotting #8

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. The Virgin Che.

Che Spotting #3

Kalk Bay, South Africa. We’re especially fond of this spotting. It captures two global icons side by side—Coca Cola and Che.

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