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Che Spotting #49

Venice, Italy. Che on A Boat.

Che Spotting #48

Madrid, Spain. Flea Market Che.

Che Spotting #42

Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Che behind bars.

Che Spotting #39

Kilkenny, Ireland. How Much is that Che in the Window?

Che Spotting #37

Pont-Aven, France. Che Goes to Market.

Che Spotting #36

Leipzig, Germany. Che Gets Framed in a Furnished Rental.

Che Spotting #23

Tallinn, Estonia. Che Gets Shushed.

Che Spotting #21

Bonn, Germany. Cocktails and Che.

Che Spotting #10

Guimaraes, Portugal. Che chills on this cobbled street.

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