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Our Story

Kelly spotted this Che in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Kelly spotted this Che in Hoi An, Vietnam.

We are Kelly and Jen, and we are not Communists.

We are just two girls who went to Cuba and fell in love with Che. This is our story.

Before we went to Cuba, we didn’t know one another. We had some things in common, though, that ensured our friendship before we met. We shared an off-beat sense of humor and a love of travel.

We were both working on our graduate degrees when each one of us came across a flyer advertising an educational exchange in Cuba. The exchange would count as elective credits toward our respective degrees. We each signed up for the exchange on our own. A few months later, we were in Cuba.

Once there, we set off exploring Havana together. The Cuban government has populated the island with images of their revolutionary heroes—the most popular is clearly Che. Soon we were spotting him at every turn. Snapping photos and posing with his image became our favorite pastime.

After we had returned home, every so often, one of us would email a picture of Che we had found to the other. It was a way for us to keep in touch, a silly inside joke. That is how all of this started—innocently and without a political agenda.

Jen spotted this Che in Barcelona, Spain.

Jen spotted this Che in Barcelona, Spain.

In fact, if we had an agenda, it would probably be travel. After all, it was a trip to Cuba that started all this and it was our shared love of travel that perpetuated it: We are travel junkies. Between the two of us, we’ve set foot in 32 countries so far.

In nearly every one of those, we have spotted Che. When we do, we take a picture.

We are amassing an impressive collection of these photos because, as it turns out, Che gets around. He is kind of like Coca-Cola or Nescafe. He is everywhere and we are fascinated.

So that’s the story behind Che Spotting. Now get out there, go see the world, and spot your own Che. When you do, snap a picture and send it our way.

¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

Kelly and Jen

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