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You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Hopefully, they all match up.

1.Who’s this Che guy?

The many faces of Che Guevara.

The many faces of Che Guevara.

We could go on and on, but in a nut shell . . .

Che’s real name is Ernesto Guevara. He was born in Argentina and educated as a doctor. As a young man, he traveled across South America on a motorcycle. This trip exposed him to various social ills (poverty, chronic disease, illiteracy, oppression, etc.) and as a result, he decided that the quiet life of a small town doctor would not fulfill him; he wanted to change the world.  His popular travelogue, The Motorcycle Diaries, chronicled this journey and was made into a movie in 2004.

Later Che traveled to Central America where, by chance, he was introduced to Fidel Castro in Mexico. The two men became fast friends. Che was drawn to Castro’s revolutionary ideals about bringing change to Cuba. Castro was drawn to Che’s medical abilities; if he led an armed revolution, he would need a doctor on board.

Eventually, Che became an integral part of the Cuban Revolution. Not only did he fight his way through the jungles of Cuba, he also became an influential political leader, representing Cuba in many trips across the globe.

Che is best known, perhaps, as a guerrilla revolutionary. He tried to bring about social and political revolutions in many nations. He was killed at the age of 39 in Bolivia while trying to incite a political uprising in that country. Many blame his death on the CIA.

Even though he is dead, people have strong feelings for the man. Some share his revolutionary zeal for a more just society. On the other hand, plenty of people hate him. After all, he carried a big gun, and he wasn’t afraid to use it. Plus, he operated a bit like Robin Hood, taking money and land from the rich and redistributing it to the poor.

If you’re craving more biographical information, you can head to Che Guevara’s Wikipedia page where you’ll burn your mouse out reading the scrolling screen.

You can also check out Time magazine. Time picked Che Guevara as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People of the past century.

2. This entire site is all about Che. You must think he’s a hero, right?

No. He did do some pretty bad stuff. We’re not saying he’s a hero.

3. So you think he’s a villain?

No. He did some good things. We’re not saying he’s a villain.

4. Are you making some sort of political statement?


5. So I’m confused. What’s the point?

Che's image can be found anywhere.

Che's image can be found anywhere.

Che Guevara was a real person, but we’re not as interested in the man as we are in his image.

We are particularly interested in the spread of this graphic image around the world. For example, we have spotted Che’s image in Jordan, Vietnam, South Africa, Guatemala, Canada, Hungary, Chile, and we could go on and on.

Even when we aren’t trying to see him, we do. He is there. He is everywhere. And this is our point.

Just as Coca-Cola’s red and white swirl is recognized around the world, so too is Che. And this fascinates us. While the Coca-Cola symbol has an organized corporate structure behind it that works hard to make sure its image is consistently produced and globally recognized, there is no governing body that oversees the design and use of the Che image, and yet Che’s image is both consistent and global.

The downfall is that the message is muddled. Anyone who sees the Coca-Cola symbol knows exactly what it stands for: something to drink. On the other hand, Che’s image could mean any number of things.

For some people his image is a call to action, so you might see it on a poster advertising a meeting for some sort of political group. For others, his image is nothing more than a marketing scheme, so you might see it on a greeting card.

The goal of Che Spotting is to raise awareness of Che’s graphic image and to have fun recognizing all the ways that people are using it around the world.

6. Che Spotting sounds like fun. Can I play?

Yes. Keep your eyes open.  If you see Che’s image somewhere, take a picture of it. Then use the form on our Submit page to send it in and your photo could appear on the web site.

You’ll also need to read and approve the Che Spotting Submission Policy.

7. What kind of pictures are you looking for?

Che Spotting pictures must feature Che’s image.

Ideally, we’d love it if your picture was more than just a close up shot of Che’s face. Back up and go for a wider angle. Try to include a bit of the larger scene. For example, check out Che Spotting #5.

8. What if there are people in my picture?

We don’t want to expose anybody and post their picture online without their knowledge. If your Che Spotting picture was taken in a busy market, for example, and people are milling about in a crowd, we would probably post it as it is.

On the other hand, if your Che Spotting picture includes a person looking directly into the camera, we would put a band across the person’s face to make him or her unrecognizable.

9. What if I have a picture of Che’s name but not Che’s image?

If you have a picture of Che’s name but not Che’s face, we’d still be interested in seeing it.

It wouldn’t qualify as a Che Spotting, but we might use it as a blog post. For example, see Allen Ginsberg & Che Guevara.

10. I have a picture of myself wearing a Che t-shirt. Is that a Che Spotting?

Probably not. Che Spottings should be spontaneous, not posed. If it’s just you standing there wearing a Che tee, then it might be better suited for our Facebook fan page.Once you become a fan, you can upload a picture of yourself in a Che tee.

And besides, in order to submit a picture for Che Spotting, you need to be the person who took the picture.

11. Do I have to be the person who took the picture?

Yes. You must be the photographer.

12. Can I submit more than one picture?

Yes, but you have to fill out the form for each submission.

13. How soon after submitting a picture will it appear on the site?

That depends. First, we have to approve your picture. After we approve it, we’ll put it in our line up. Then it will depend on how many pictures are ahead of it. We will send you an email and let you know when yours appears.

14. What do I get if my picture is posted on Che Spotting?

The joy of Che.

You were looking for more? We will give you photo credit. If you’ve got a web site, we can link to it.

15. I am the artist who painted a Che image that is pictured on your site. What should I do?

Send us an email.

We don’t want to take credit from anyone. If you recognize artwork in a Che Spotting picture as your work, we will give you credit.

16. What if somebody else already sent in the same picture as me?

Spot Che. Snap A Pic. Send It In.

Spot Che. Snap A Pic. Send It In.

If somebody else already submitted a picture of of the exact same image in the exact same place and it was already posted on the site, then we would not post your picture.  We have to keep things fresh.

If we have multiple pictures submitted by  different people that are the same and hasn’t been posted on the site, we will choose one to post.

17. What if my picture isn’t a digital image?

Digital is how we operate. If you have an actual photograph, you can scan it to get a digital image.

18. How big does my picture need to be?

We prefer 1 MG.  Basically, that’s the full-size picture file. 1000 KB equal 1 MG, so if your picture is 800 KB, it’s almost 1 MG. Submit it.

If your picture is smaller than that, you can still submit it. The images on the web site aren’t as big as the numbers above, so we can probably still use it.

Besides, it’s better to take your chances and submit than to not submit at all. You can’t play if you don’t try.

19. Why are you asking for so much personal information when I submit a picture?

In the future, we would love to publish a book of Che Spottings. If that happens, we want to make sure that you know your picture is in the book. We would even send you a copy if we knew where to find you.

We won’t be giving your information to strangers. That’s not nice. We don’t want to invite bad karma. Plus, Che wouldn’t approve.

20. So you’re planning to publish a book of Che Spottings?

We want to. Can you help make that happen? Tell us about it.

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