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Che Spotting #50

San Salvador, El Salvador.
Lone Che.

This photo was submitted by traveler Daphne H.

She snapped it while visiting the city of San Salvador in El Salvador.

We can see why. What is Che doing on this sparse wall all by himself?

It certainly is a strange sight, although one that we very much appreciate.

Daphne has been lucky enough to visit El Salvador numerous times. She and another woman run a teacher-to-teacher exchange program there.

Each year since 2000, a group of teachers (many of them Alaskan) travels to El Salvador and participate in an English-language exchange with Salvadorian English teachers. The American teachers help the Salvadorian teachers practice their pronunciation, answer cultural questions and share ideas for new classroom activities.

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One comment for “Che Spotting #50”

  1. I think it’s obvious…It’s like one of those paint samples you get from the hardware store, go home, paint a swatch on the wall and see how it looks. These folks are just seeing how Tiny Che looks and will live with it a little, and then go back and put a bigger one there eventually. tell Daphne to go back and check. :)

    Posted by Amber Procaccini | May 19, 2011, 2:02 pm

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