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Che Spotting #47

Minneapolis, Minnesota.
How Much is that Che in the Window?

Anyone who visits downtown Minneapolis in the winter, quickly learns how to navigate the skyway system.

Because of the cold winter temps, people who work downtown aren’t keen on heading outside to go grab coffee, get lunch, run to the bank or do other errands.

Instead, a series of indoor sidewalks link most of the downtown buildings. These indoor sidewalks are not underground. They are on the second story. They are bridges that cross over the streets.

Skyway traffic is heavy, especially during the lunch rush. One day, while rushing about our business in the skyway system of downtown Minneapolis, we happened to glance into the windows of a nearby building and we spotted Che!

As you can imagine, we are extremely curious about this Che. Whose office is this?

We’ll probably never know, but every time we cross this skyway, we look up and look for Che. He’s always there.

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