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Che Spotting #45

Delhi, India
Che Doesn’t Disappoint

When Jen P. packed her bags and headed to northern India, she assumed she’d spot Che at some point on her trip. After all, she’d traveled to many, many countries, and she’d seen Che’s mug show up in all sorts of strange places.

However, after 10 days in India, she was about to leave empty handed. In India, buildings, walls, and all modes of transportation were plastered with images of animals, gods and gurus. But the iconic Che image wasn’t present amidst the chaos. He was nowhere to be seen.

Yet Jen P. didn’t give up. She kept her eyes peeled for Che even on her departing trip to the airport. That was her last chance, she thought, to spot Che while she was in India. But when she arrived, she still hadn’t seen him. She sighed, resigning herself to the fact that his seemingly ever-present face just wasn’t there.

But then—but then there he was! This Che was spotted just outside the duty free shop inside Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Jen P. could rest easy. Che’s iconic face had not let her down.

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