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Che Spotting #25


Havana, Cuba
Che and Camilo Check Out Some Hot Pants

This Che Spotting comes to us from inside Havana’s Museum of the Revolution.

The museum, housed inside the once-upon-a-time presidential palace, is a grand building. It used to house government offices, meetings and balls. Now it’s full of faded newspaper headlines and grainy photographs documenting the Cuban Revolution, as well as weaponry used in the fight. If you walk around out back, you can even check out Granma, the boat Castro and friends used to sail from Mexico to Cuba and start their invasion.

However, it was this display inside the museum that most caught our eye. Two statues depict Che and his fellow revolutionary, Camilo Cienfuegos, blazing a trail through the jungle. And we just happened to catch this museum goer in the shot.

We’re not sure which is better, the emaciated statues or the museum-goer’s hot pants.

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