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Thanks to Frank N.!

He sent us an email about a Che Spotting he had while reading the October 2009 issue of Golf Magazine.

The article, titled “Adios Fidel, Hello Tiger,” was written by Josh Sens.

Neither one of us is a golfer, so we were a bit skeptical about picking up the article, but it turned out to be an accessible, enjoyable read. It felt more like a travel story than a how-to-golf piece.

The article starts at the Havana Golf Club, a dilapidated golf course on the outskirts of Cuba’s capital city.

The writer, Sens, is talking with the course pro and looking at a black-and-white photo of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro playing a game of golf.

Che, as it turns out, beat Castro that day. Soon after losing that golf round, Castro bulldozed all of the golf courses in the country, except for the Havana Golf Club.

Once that happened, the PGA, which used to hold tournaments in Cuba, stopped scheduling matches there.

che-golfs-2Today, according to the article, golf is struggling to make a comeback in Cuba. Foreign investors would love to build new courses across the island, and several have lined up to try and do just that.

So far, only one has succeeded. The Varadero Golf Club sits two hours outside of Havana. It costs $75 to play a round on this course, which means that while tourists and ex-pats frequent it, locals (who make little more than that a month) have little hope of picking up a club.

Beyond the story of infamous Che versus Castro golf match, Sens also included interviews with a reporter who witnessed that match, Cuba’s two professional golf pros, a PGA golfer who won a tournament in Cuba back when the organization was still scheduling matches there, and the CEO of a Canadian company hoping to build golf courses in Cuba in the future.

The article offered an interesting insight into Cuba’s past, present and future through a lens that neither one of us would probably have ever given much thought — golf.

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